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Our history

Launched in 2002, Ovale is a pioneer brand in birth gifting and the emotion accompanying it. Due to the timelessness and savoir-faire (know how) of the brand, each product purchased or offered is an exceptional piece. Today Ovale is growing by providing collections available up to 14 years old and expanding on an international dimension.


the origin of Ovale… an emotion

As the baby growing inside his mother’s belly, the name Ovale finds its source. As the circle of life, the ellipse of the initial O points out to the eternal renewal of existence. As the emotion felt when meeting a newborn baby, it is a gift of emotion with an extra soulful touch that you discover in Ovale. Ovale is above all a family story; its first page being written with the arrival of the first child Alexandra :
"In 2002, pregnant with my first child, I started to look for a boutique where I could find classic, elegant and minimalistic clothing and accessories. I imagined a refined and delicate universe where tradition would be revived to today’s taste. This is how my husband and I embarked in this wonderful adventure creating the brand I have dreamt of."


Ovale : a family

Since then, the family have grown. It has welcomed a team of passionate people welded by this story and strong ties. They are the ones giving to the brand this extra soulful touch, which makes it even more special. The team’s will? To revive the traditions and past savoir-faire to today’s taste, as to propose to customers elegant items and exceptional creations. This product offer field with emotions that in turn customers can transmit.